The threads that run through our consulting work are: resilience, reciprocity, and relationality.

We are a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous professionals who are passionate about individual and team wellbeing. We have a particular passion for amplifying Indigenous voices across all types of projects. Collectively, we bring education and experience in mental health; individual, community, and workplace wellbeing; Indigenous community engagement; and editing with an Indigenous lens. We have experience in higher education, academic publications, and social science research. Increasingly, we are seeing a need for experienced facilitators to provide content – virtually, where possible – in all of these areas. 


FACILITATION, sharing knowledge with:

  • Government
  • Community groups
  • Corporate
  • Industry
  • A variety of workplaces

EDITING, primarily serving those in education and medicine, specializing in ESL and Indigenous perspectives:

  • Graduate students
  • Academics / professors
  • Doctors / residents
  • Non-fiction writers

AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT, diving into solutions for:

  • Post-secondary / higher education
  • Community organizations

EVALUATION, qualitative-leaning, quantitative-informed for:

  • Social change research
  • Indigenous community engagement
  • Business analysis

We do most of our work digitally/remotely, but we are always open to discussion about travel. We understand that in-person, community-based work is critical. For editing, we can often provide last-minute/rush services.


Please check out our team page to learn more about who we are – a team of freelance and guest facilitators and editors working together to edify (uplift) our client’s work and knowledge.

Please read our land acknowledgement in the footer below for more information. You will find this on every page to ground the work.


Please contact our general email mailbox or connect with our team members for their individual expertise from our team page.