Agile Project Consulting

Are you a start-up or social change organization struggling to get your initiative off the ground?

Alicia is a PMP (Project Management Professional) and Scrum-certified agile project manager who loves working with you at the ground floor (in the initiating and planning stages) to prioritize actions.

I will set you up with an agile action plan and coach you on how to use it. I can help you adapt a program, process, or path and I love working with clients that are community and social change-focused.

What can I do for you?

I love using techniques like Kanban and Scrum, and tools like Trello and Asana, to help set you up for success. I’m happy to develop an implementation plan and process that works for your budget and comfort with technology.

Why agile?

For me, life should be about balance, and I see agile as a way of organizing your thoughts and actions so you can work smarter, make evidence-informed decisions, and gain time back in your workday.

In people-centred work or startup businesses, we are often piloting programs and ideas to see what works in a dynamic, sometimes enormous, workforce or community setting. This is why we employ agile methods, allowing us to be hyper adaptive, transparent, and responsive to the customers, clients, and communities we serve. I can do project charters and detailed plans, and some of these are needed to help you understand what is possible.